Glass Movie Review

Today we will review a thriller/action film Glass, directed by M. Night Shyamalan

Glass Movie Release Date: 18th January, 2019 (USA)
Glass Movie Budget: $20 millions
Glass Movie Cast : James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Bruce Willis, Sarah Paulson, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Treat Clark, Charlayne Woodard
Glass Movie Directed by :  M. Night Shyamalan


Glass Movie Review:

All right so I know nobody’s really anticipating this movie but if you are peace of mind this will be a spoiler free review. No spoilers in this review and which would probably work against us. Since if there are things I didn’t like in the movie, I probably have to be vague about it here. Or speaks to the fact that I should probably do a spoiler review but I wouldn’t do that. Until like a Sunday at the earliest of whatever here we go spoiler free review.

Glass Movie:

So glass is the long-awaited sequel to unbreakable, also part three of the Shyamalan superhero trilogies are we calling it, that now point is its unbreakable, split and glass. 

Essentially now there’s Mr. Glass played by Samuel l. Jackson, Kevin or the Horde played by James Mc-Avoy and they’re in this facility where Bruce Willis’s character David Dennis and his soldier villain and the arch enemy might just team up to test the hero. It’s one element in this movie anyway, There is lot of stuff in here and quite frankly, I just can’t deny it.

I loved seeing David Dunn and Mr. Glass on screen spent 19 years. Man I’ve been waiting for this sequel forever. Some people will probably complain Act 2 in this movie is slow and It is slow but really captures the spirit of unbreakable. Unbreakable is a slow movie, its strength is the fact that it’s a character piece. No one’s ever liked, Oh! Infinity war let me get you one that’ll really blow your hair back. Unbreakable, try that oh! It’s not like that its different kind of movie.


Really this movie grabbed me from the beginning. You have to reintroduce some characters. Need to see where David Dunn is after 19 years and we get that. I just found David Dunn’s life Bruce Willis’s character in this movie, very organic to where he would be after all this time. And quite frankly Mr. Glass, Elijah price is one of the best villains ever Bruce Willis actually commits in this movie. Lately he’s been kind of phoning and in like alright.

Do write the check, great thanks. I’ll do this one in my sleep literally like in my sleep. You will film me while I’m sleepwalking but you can tell him this movie there’s an air of respect for Bruce Willis and the character he plays and McAvoy. McAvoy crushes it, really McAvoy’s front and center in this movie. He’s so good, just snapping in between the personalities from back to forth not even back and forth back and forth implies – I’m not saying back and forth with.

I’m saying it’s a game of hacky sack in the 90s. I was there, I saw it their world circles of these pimp kick, in a bag around that’s how McAvoy is with his personalities just on the fly. It’s like when Willam Dafoe was talking to the mirror in the Sam Raimi spider-man. Times about a thousand or at least 12 that’s reasonable. I will McAvoy being front and center is entertaining now. We’re gonna slide into the negative after the positives were Bruce Willis, good James McAvoy. He’s front-and-center, why is it called Glass, why is it not called the hoard or something.


This movie is an unbreakable sequel but it really feels like a split single granted. The second act absolutely pays tribute to the tone of unbreakable it’s that slow-moving psychological thriller with characters. You’re invested in characters, yes because you saw the previous movie but characters you’re invested in nonetheless that’s where this movie really shines is when it remembers. Where it comes from but like I said I feel like this is a split sequel which is weird that Shyamalan made that call because I feel like the conversations been.

After 19 years were finally getting Glass. The conversation isn’t after two years were finally getting Glass because it’s a split sequel. I was there at a screening for split, I, the rest of the audience felt like this is a good movie and then the thing came the twist. Everyone’s like, oh my god! standing ovations, we were from. I’m enjoying this – standing ovation because, one thing the fact that it tied into unbreakable given that I feel like the unbreakable element should have been a little more prominent. Mr. Glass is in it, he’s important but he doesn’t do the most. It’s kind of like, he’s the king in chess. You could say, he’s the most important piece but mainly the king in chess is kind of sits there like all right.

Glass Movie: Director’s Way:

Yeah, I’ll get my moment, maybe I can. I can castle with the rook over there meantime. I’ll just chill. Also I feel like there were a couple of, I don’t want to say retcons. Interesting choices given the previous movies, there’s something in this movie tread lightly. Oh! Well, I will tread lightly, no spoilers promised again should probably do a spoiler review for this.

After those it’s like with M night, Shyamalan treated this movie like a character piece or a psychological thriller. It was really good really enjoyable when he started getting grant ideas, when he started treating this like a superhero movie.

At least in the third act or some superhero elements in the first act. I thoroughly enjoyed by the third act instantly not as enjoyable and I know it’s like unbreakable is a superhero movie. Sure, you could say by the end, it’s a superhero movie but really it’s a character movie same with split. Splits, an interesting psychological movie at character movie. I keep thinking about the structure of this movie as a whole and why it really fell short for me by the end from what I saw the three action this movie have.


Three different stars like, Act one that’s David Dunn’s movie, act two is the hoards movie and act three well that’s Mr. Glasses movie but the problem is it’s unevenly spaced. The setups pretty fast as setup is which means Kevin gets all the shine than the last act of segment in which the title character gets to shine is the sloppiest part of the movie. By the end it feels like M. Night Shyamalan had three different visions, three different ideas as to what this movie would be. What he wanted Glass to be, he couldn’t decide on one for the movie. So he made these three ideas the acts of the movie. Act one was one idea he had for Glass, act two is another and act three is the other and by the end of this movie Shyamalan just flexes his Shyamalan muscles.

He takes this movie that started out pretty strong and kept me engaged through the second act and he well for lack of better term. Shyamalan said which is a bummer because a third act that falls apart that’s just detrimental in my opinion is easier for a movie to comeback from a first act that might not land or a second act that might not land as long as they stick the landing to the third act. Because the third act is what you’re left with you. Let your third act fall apart well that’s what people are more going to remember and I feel like that’s what happened here. I’ll say it’s as simple as this for me in terms of Glass being in Chapter three of an M. Night Shyamalan superhero trilogy.


Glass is fine in terms of a sequel to split.  The Glass is interesting in terms of a sequel to unbreakable that I feel should have paid those characters better tribute not so much. So it all depends on what you’re going to see this movie for. I was going for the unbreakable sake well. I’m gonna say Glass is a better time if you’re drunk. Yeah I know, it’s a party, I felt like the audience is gonna be split like half we’re gonna see this movie is unbreakable. The other half we’re gonna say it’s as flimsy as Glass.

Maybe M. Night Shyamalan is a super villain like maybe that’s his plans like all we live in a world where people screaming your face about comic book and superhero. Perfect, another file make a movie that I don’t think anybody’s going to be on the same page for good job in that super villain.

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