Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review

Today we will review an action-packed blockbuster film Avengers: Infinity War, Directed by Anthony RussoJoe Russo

Release Date: 27 April, 2018 (India)

Movie Budget: $400 million.

Avengers: Infinity War  Movie Cast :  Robert Downey Jr.{Iron Man}, Chris Hemsworth{Thor}, Benedict Cumberbatch{Dr. Strange}, Josh Brolin{Thanos}, Tom Holland{Spider Man}, Chris Evans{Captain America}, Scarlett Johansson{Black Widow}, Elizabeth Olsen{Scarlett Witch}, Chris Pratt{Star-Lord}, Mark Ruffalo{Hulk}, Chadwick Boseman{Black Panther}, Paul Bettany{Vision}, Sebastian Stan{Bucky Barnes}, Karen Gillan{Nebula}, Zoe Saldana{Gamora}, Dave Bautista{Drax the Destroyer}, Bradley Cooper{Rocket Raccon}, Anthony Mackie{Sam Wilson/Falcon}, Pom Klementieff{Mantis}, Danai Gurira{Okoye}, Don Cheadle{War Machine}, Letitia Wright{Shuri}, Vin Diesel{Groot}, Gwyneth Paltrow{Pepper Potts}, Benicio Del Toro{Collector}, Benedict Wong{WONG}, Stan Lee{Bus Driver}, Idris Elba{Heimdall}, Peter Dinklage{Eitri}, Cobie Smulders{Agent of Sheild}, Carrie Coon{Proxima Midnight}, Terry Notary{Groot}, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor{Ebony Maw}, William Hurt{General Ross}, Ross Marquand{Red Skull}, Isabella Amara{Bluebird}.


Avengers: Infinity War Movie Directed by :  Anthony RussoJoe Russo

Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review:

Avengers infinity war gonna call them your mind right now. Avengers infinity war is the newest Avengers movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has officially been 10 years coming, oh! really six years coming since we were shown fan us at the end of the Avengers came out 2012. 2018 – closer to say like 10 years for the MCU you can argue. It’s all built to this big baddie Thanos is on the hunt for the Infinity stones. And the Avengers find out about that and some people, who were not Avengers that maybe guardians of a galaxy when does they’ll find out about it. So they all have to stop it and that is basically what you need to know for the Zetas.

I want to gush about Thanos right off the bat. I’m not supposed to I should save that till later but holy Santos is such a good villain. CGI on Thanos is on point even the facial tics just small facial movements that people have when they talk or react but it’s not just the performance Josh Brolin Gibbs. It’s not just the intensity, he really is a staple of how to do a great villain that’s something the MCU has been severely lacking in. If you think of the weakest part of most movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s usually a weak villain.

The analyst breaks that yes granted we have had many years of Thanos build-up but I’m talking about just what you see of him in this movie. That’s what makes him a great villain it’s the development. It’s his character, he’s not just bad guy, forsake a bad guy. This movie does what a movie needs to do to make a great villain is that the villain truly believes what he is doing is the best thing possible for existence that’s right.

Generally you think of big bad assholes in the real world or fiction every villain believes they are the hero of their story that was a very important thing I was looking for in this movie. This movie had it they just completely did Thanos right in this movie the development for  Thanos makes the development. For Loki look like the development of whoever that is I forget and the action was cleaned up to the Russos in their MCU movies for the action sequences. I noticed sometimes is that shaky-cam but I noticed they minimize that in here like the action sequence at the end that you’ve seen in the trailers.

You know it’s like a big crowd of things coming towards a bunch of people pales in comparison. I feel like that’s an action sequence that happens for the sake of action sequence or a couple of other action sequences. One fight in particular, I’m like this is amazing those  like they were like that’s so amazing, what to do with those. I don’t know let’s just have bugs but in the true great action movies of modern time.

I feel like the action sequences should be a byproduct of a movie that’s great anyway this movie does pull that off sometimes. If some of the drama was going on some things, I was really invested in. I really bought it other times. I was like don’t buy it as much as the other stuff and I know I was really supposed to I feel like it’s what happens when you have a bunch of different directors directing a bunch of different movies that take place in the same universe.


These directions want to concentrate on this so when the payoffs supposed to happen here doesn’t really happen as much because these two directors just kind of see the world differently. Because people see the world differently, they see entertainment differently whether it’s a consumer of entertainment or someone who’s making entertainment. They’re going to concentrate on different things and that gives different tonal shifts and the being vague. I know I’m supposed to be and the cast is so bad I mean the cast is going to be big. We know it’s gonna be better I mean it needs to be bigger this is the three phases of Marvel movies leading up to this.


It wasn’t big that would be a huge problem it just so happens the cast is so big maybe there is a character you want to see have their shine. It’s just they can’t there’s too many people one character in particular. I’m like maybe they should have been in the forefront more but they weren’t because it wasn’t their movie. There’s more going on in one person but it does feel like some characters were used. Well others were support characters and then some other characters just kind of in the movie because the contract said some there’s a lot of jump around that happens because there is a lot happening.


There are a lot of locations where stones may or may not be with characters that may or may not be on earth. At this point a lot of  locations a lot of people. So it’s not like everybody who’s been in an MCU movie to this point or just hanging out on earth and they’re all at the same place. Any given time know there are like three different groups doing different things on the name of stopping Thanos. But that makes for a lot of jumping around granted given  the scenario this much build up. Coming to this many, characters they pull it off quite well.


So sometimes just a little imperfect but I will also give props to the fact that the tone does change based on who’s on screen like when you see the guardians of the galaxy. It feels more like guardians of the galaxy oh that was great that’s very important nothing in this movie. Feels like thor ragnarok though so that’s that’s kind of still an anomaly guys in the end.

Avengers infinity war was a long time coming a decade of set up for an epic payoff that I personally dug. A couple of moments in particular some straight-up heroic moments I got me the goosebumps. I was like ooh this movie is great, I thoroughly enjoyed it I will say Avengers infinity war is worth watching and worth buying on blu-ray and though this review is up.

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